just got a 1987 razz

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just got a 1987 razz

Postby bluebob » Wed Aug 22, 2012 6:27 pm

Ok so i just payed 350 for a razz that was really close to my home so was a good buy i think has 3.3k on the motor and first kickstart turns on right away np very nice im bout 250 6'2 and does but 27 with me on it after a month of sitting, this is only gonna be for me to get to training and work so bout 30 miles aday but i was wondering could some one help me get some more speed i know the cdi only allows for so much but i heard atleast 33-35 steady also i heard bout bigger tires helping a lil more speed too srry bout the grammer just in a hurry thanks in advance!
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